Social Media Use in Ireland

Social Media Statistics

According to Ireland has 4.45 million internet users in 2019 which equates to 92% of the population. They also suggest that 66% of the population are active on social media.

The social media platforms that are most popular in Ireland are detailed on the chart below from

According to Reuters, 2017 there is 95% internet penetration across Ireland and 89% of us have access to the internet at home.

According to My Site, with regards to account ownership, Facebook continues to be Irelands most popular social media platform at 66%. Instagram increased the most from 5% to 39%. LinkedIn and Twitter saw identical increases of 3% to 33%. Google and Pinterest grew from 2% to 24% and 23% respectively.

According to Statista, the average daily social media usage of internet users worldwide is 136 minutes per day.

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Why People Use Social Media

Whitting and Williams (2012, p.362) writing about social media use suggests that ‘the ten uses and gratifications are: social interaction, information seeking, pass time, entertainment, relaxation, communicatory utility, expression of opinion, information sharing, and surveillance knowledge about others.

According to Jeff Bullas the main reasons people use social media are …

  • Curiosity – One of the main reasons people join social media is to see what other people get up to. To be able to peek and peer into other’s peoples lives is sometimes enough to get them to sign up to Facebook or join Twitter. Nothing beats seeing what someone posting or tweeting to catch a glimpse into their world.
  • Fun – Another factor that drives us to use social media is just that it’s plain fun. Watching a viral video on YouTube that is so cool you just have to share it can be very fun. Instagram with it’ fabulous filters turns photography into a visual fun parlour.
  • Learn – Social media provides platforms and portals to dive in to and learn. Never has so much information been at our fingertips that can teach from photography to playing a guitar or even maths.
  • Experiment – There is a lot of people experimenting with Facebook posting and publishing to see if image A works better than image B. Do pictures of cats produce more engagement? Sometimes it is fun to hit publish and see what happens.
  • Make money – For some making money is the big motivator. The social global networks can accelerate the opportunities to monetize your passion through increased online attention and connections that social media provides.

Tribal Behaviour

Social media users often engage in tribal behaviour such as sharing information and social bonding. The screenshots below illustrate such behaviour.

Prime examples of tribal behaviour online are Facebook groups in which members of the groups discuss topics relevant to the group they are in. One such example of one of these groups is a group called ‘tune drop’. Members of this group all share an interest in the music genre Techno. Members post videos of certain songs being played live either to figure out the name of the song or to simply just post it for the satisfaction of the other members in the group. Another purpose of this group is to try find tickets for certain events.

Here you can see people discussing the contents of a video posted in the comments section. One person asks what the name of the song was and another gives him the name by posting a screenshot with the name of the song in it.


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